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Cone Commissioning Management

Many people believe commissioning is an activity that happens at the end of a project, just before handover. At Cone Commissioning Management (CCM) we have a different view.

Whilst we can undoubtedly make sure the building or facility works as well as it can, the opportunities to maximise performance and minimise operational problems are enhanced by early involvement. If we are engaged earlier we can add more value as the ‘cone of influence’ is extended enabling us to consider other aspects of the project beyond simple readiness.

The Commissioning Cone of Influence:

If we are involved during construction we can ensure access to plant and equipment is considered for future maintenance and proper planning is in place for testing and commissioning. If we are involved during design we can assist in selecting the right systems, plant and equipment. We can focus on the elimination of unnecessary complexity in systems and controls and help to ensure space is used wisely. Ultimately early involvement helps us ensure your building or facility will operate efficiently in all seasons and yet be capable of meeting the required future demands of the brief.

What makes CCM able to add this value? We have a different perspective to many in the construction industry, we draw on years of experience of living with the consequences of project delivery (including our own) from our previous client side roles. This means that we do not see your project as an end but merely as the means to enable your ongoing activities and so our focus is on how the building or facility is going to work for you the day, month, year, decade after handover; experience which those who only work in design and construction simply do not have.

Cone Commissioning Management‘s(CCM) management team is a partnership between Kevin Thomas of Visionality Ltd and Richard Graham of Pharma HVAC Consultancy Ltd and draws on over 60 years of design, construction, operation, restructuring and disposal experience much of which was gained in client side roles. It is also a collaboration with Roger Parker Associates who offer many years of design experience and technical knowhow. The symbiosis works well when the two organisations are employed together to provide a unique and complete design and implementation service. CCM can alternatively operate independently to provide client-side management, proving and validation of the design and commissioning processes.


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